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Who is the Master Learning Facilitator ?

Mario Prévost has been the Master Learning Facilitator in Canada since 2006. He has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in parachuting, and has accumulated more than 13,000 jumps. In addition to his position on the Coaching Committee for the CSPA, he is also a managing member for Parachute Montreal and Parachutisme Nouvel Air. He is also a co-owner of SkyVenture Montreal and iFLY Toronto, the only two wind tunnels for simulated freefall in Canada.

How to become a Master Learning Facilitator ?

There are several levels of coaches and instructors in the skydiving industry. A Master Learning Facilitator for the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA) is the highest level of instructor. There is the only one Master Learning Facilitator in Canada and he is on the management team of Parachute Montreal: Mario Prevost.

Mario has a lot of experience in skydiving as well as in training. He is a master in developing coaching programs, adapted for the practice of safe skydiving.

Master Learning Facilitator

What is a Master Learning Facilitator ?

The Master Learning Facilitator is the highest level of Canadian instructors and coaches. In addition to many tasks and responsibilities, the Master Learning Facilitator is also responsible for recruiting and training new trainers who, taking turns, train other instructors and coaches across the country.

Mario is highly regarded by his peers in the parachute industry, and it is with great passion that he trains instructors in all provinces, in addition to collaborating with the Armed Forces Canada to provide training components for parachuting for various military groups.

How does this benefit you?

Each day, Mario’s experience and knowledge benefits Parachute Montreal. This ensures that we guaranty our instructors and coaches are well trained, and are the most supervised in the industry. Be assured, you will make your jumps in complete safety and with peace of mind. You will benefit from the expertise of our team, and the excellence of all our services.

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