Our mission

Rigging is a profession and an art: a rigger knows how to identify a problem to solve it; either by using our own skills or by guiding you to the resources that will best meet your needs. We are passionate about skydiving! We therefore know that the best skydivers are those who know how their equipment works and how to take care of it, both to increase safety and performance.

At the Rigging Zone, you will be taken care of to the best of our ability. We offer personalized and professional rigging services, with your satisfaction and safety at heart.

The Rigging Zone can:

  • Check your equipment.
  • Guide you when you purchase new or used equipment.
  • Make the necessary repairs, pack and certify your equipment, take care of ordering various components or send it for repair if necessary.

With many years of expertise, our knowledge can be passed on to you if you need to identify the source of a problem you have encountered or if you would like advice related to your equipment’s maintenance and packing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, it will be our pleasure to enrich your knowledge and broaden our skills.

We also invite you to consult our FAQ section at the bottom of the page!

Rigging Zone

Services & prices (taxes not included)

  • Minimum charge | $10
  • Hourly rate (workshop time) | $60
  • Main canopy reline (lines not included, canopy inspection included) | $230
  • Replacement of two bilateral lines | hourly rate
  • BOC pouch replacement | pouch $37,75 + hourly rate for installation
  • Canopy patches (main and reserve) | hourly rate
  • Full equipment cleaning (container and harness) | $50
  • Touch up equipment cleaning | $20
  • Pilot-chute kill line replacement | hourly rate
  • Reserve repack and inspection (canopy, container and harness) | $90
  • Canopy inspection (main OR reserve) | $40
  • Main canopy inspection (if done with a reserve repack) | $30
  • Canopy assembly (main OR reserve) | $40
  • Canopy inspection and assembly (main OR reserve) | $60
  • Service fee | $25

More info on the service charge. If we place an order with a manufacturer for which we are not a dealer or if we send a component for repair for you, we will charge a service fee since, between the preparation time, we invest resources for communications, orders, payments, pickup, etc.

Purchase of equipment

If you wish to order your jump suit and/or your parachute with us, we can assist you in taking the right measurements.

Need rigging services?

Email us at espacegreage@parachutemontreal.ca or call us at 1 (877) 727-2685.

Rigging Zone services are offered at our two skydiving centres:

  • Parachute Montreal North Shore, Saint-Esprit, Quebec
  • Parachute Montreal South Shore, Farnham, Quebec

Our riggers

We have always worked with highly specialized and experienced coaches and instructors in order to offer the best, safest and most professional experience to all of our customers, whether they are first jumpers or experienced skydivers. Our vision and objectives are the same when it comes to our rigging services. We understand the necessity of having well-trained riggers, and that is why we have concentrated our resources to build a strong, versatile and flexible rigging team.


Our team

Marie-Eve Dazé
FAA Senior Rigger


Gabrielle Prévost
FAA Senior Rigger


Francis Desrosiers
CSPA Rigger A1


Simon Bouchard
CSPA Rigger A1


Corentin Bernaudin
CSPA Rigger A


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