Formation skydiving is a skydiving event where multiple skydivers attach themselves to one another by grabbing each other’s limbs or by the use of grippers on their jumpsuit while free falling through the sky. The goal of this skydiving program is to build a formation of multiple divers arranged in a geometric pattern. During competitions, formation skydive teams consist of 4 or 8 people, and is filmed by a cameraman.



Freefly is the skydiving discipline which consists of flying in proximity to someone while sitting, head down or on an angle. The speed of freefall is an impressive 250 km/h or more. You can learn these disciplines with our experienced instructors who have been freeflying for a number of years. For personalized training, contact the employees of the manifest.



Vertical formation skydiving is a cross between formation skydiving and freeflying. In this discipline, the skydivers fly in formation during freefall in a sitting or head down position by taking grips on other skydivers. In competition, vertical formation skydiving is performed with a team of 4 plus a cameraman who films the sequence during freefall. Several of our instructors have won medals in this discipline during national and international competitions and will be pleased to coach you on what they know.



Artistic freefly is a discipline of creativity and expression. Two skydivers and a cameraman create a pre-determined choreography in freefall to provide a breathtaking spectacle. During competition, certain choreographies are required, while others are left to the team’s creativity.



Wingsuit is performed with a special jumpsuit in the form of a wing. The purpose of this discipline is to reduce vertical speed and convert this to horizontal speed. This helps the flyer to increase their freefall flight time considerably. Skydivers who practice wingsuiting are true birdmen !
Since Parachute Montreal is also a wingsuit school, you can be trained in formation wingsuit flying with our instructors who will help you discover this discipline in a safe environment. To register, contact the employees of the manifest.



Formation under canopy is equivalent to formation skydiving, but it is practiced under canopy rather than in freefall. Immediately after jumping out of the airplane, the skydivers will deploy their canopies, and fly as one in attached formations by grabbing other canopies with their feet and legs.



Canopy piloting, also known as swooping, is a discipline practiced under canopy and on landing. By making a low turn under canopy, the skydiver increases the vertical speed and transforms this speed into horizontal speed for landing. The idea is to glide the canopy as far as possible over the ground, often over a body of water to avoid a violent impact with the ground. This discipline is performed by experts, and requires an extreme mastery of canopy control.


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