The big day has finally arrived! You are becoming more and more excited? Maybe nervous? We know exactly what you are going through. Don’t worry! For 25 years, skydiving has been our profession and our entire team has more than 175 000 jumps of experience. Remember, you are on the verge of a unique experience that will change your life.

You can choose one of 3 different options for your first skydive:

Jump at 9000′ – This option will allow you to experience a 9000′ tandem skydive. At 5000′, after only 20 seconds of free fall, your instructor will deploy the parachute and you will be able to enjoy the experience of flying under the canopy. Buy now !

Jump at 13 500′ – Our most popular option for a first skydive, that will allow you to get the full experience of free fall for 60 seconds. You will jump from 13 500′ attached to your instructor. At 5000′, your instructor will deploy the parachute and you will enjoy the flight under your canopy. Buy now !

Jump at 18 000′ – The most extreme skydive experience. You will fly up to a height of 18 000’ with the help of oxygen in the plane. You will experience the thrill of the longest freefall: 1 minute and 20 seconds. Buy now !

How to begin

You are getting ready to enjoy a unique and intense experience that will last around 3 hours and that will definitely mark your life. From the briefing to the landing, here is how the activity will take place. Here is a description of your forthcoming experience.


We prefer that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation.


You will receive a 15 to 20 minutes training before your jump.


Accompanied by your instructor, you will board the airplane wearing a jump suit and a special harness.


Once you'll have reached the exit altitude, you will prepare to jump from the airplane, securely attached to your instructor.


Once the parachute is deployed, you will enjoy a descent under canopy.


You will land near the main building, so family and friends can easily watch your landing.


The full activity will take approximately 3 hours, but we invite you to stay with us, enjoy your day, meet the team and watch other skydiving that is going on.

Please note that for safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on the drop zone and alcohol is forbidden.

Video and/or photos services


To relive your first jump experience, and share the moment with your loved ones, we offer video and/or photos services. You will receive a 5-minutes video showing all stages of your jump, filmed and/or photographed. The video and/or photos services are offered with our all our tandem jumps. We offer three different options:


Your skydive jump including the part under canopy captured by a camera on your instructor’s wrist.
Check out an example


Your skydive jump captured by an outside cameraman.
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Selfie + outside camera
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No more than 15 minutes after your tandem jump, you will receive your video and/or photos taken during freefall, with you as the main star.

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Video and/or photos services


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